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Absolute Grey
After Hours
Eddie Angel
Roy August
Bill Coffey
B.C. Enterprize
BMG Records
Billy North
Blac Ocean
The Blastoffs
Bobby Henry & The Goners
Beyond Broken Boundaries
Brothers in Christ
Canyon Records
The Chesterfield Kings
Careless Carliss & The Cantelope Girls
Ed Champlin
Charlie Don't Surf
The Chinchillas
Colorblind James Experience
Fred Costello
Cousin Al & The New Generation
Daze End
December Wind
Distant Second
Dudley Dawson
Earl Cram Revue
Eastman School of Music
The Eggmen
The Ferrets
Fertility Rite Brothers
Filthy Funk Band
Flogging Catatonics
The Franks
Frantic Flattops
Jay Formacola
Frat House Cats
Galactic Harbour
Galtee Mountain Boys
Maria Gillard
Gone Utah
The Grinders
Grooveyard Records
Group Image
Helen Wheels
Deacon Joe Louis Johnson (Soul Brothers Six)
The Hidden Charms
Hips In Harmony
The Hi Risers
Anne House
The Infants
Rob LaMothe
Liquid Damage
Patti Lorenzen
The Lost Marbles
The Lovematics
Lovis Elgo
Luther & The BBB's
Lotus STP
Liz McCabe
The Mambo Kings
Charlie Mattice
Mike & Sergei
Michael Lee
McFadden's Parachute
The Miggedys
Midnight Ramblers
Mind Furnace
Neck Beard
The New Spiritual Jubilators
The Nightstalkers
NFT Band
Nobody Cares
Nueva Cosecha
Pallini & Pappert
Penfield, NY School District
Personal Effects
The Priests
The Projectiles
The Purrs
The Raunchettes
Tom Riccio
Del Rivers
The Riviera Playboys
Paul Rocco
RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology
Ruby Shooz
Screamin' Jay Hawkins
The Silly Pillows
Sky Saxon
The Speed Devils
Squeaky Chair Quartet
Static Cling
Margaret Storms
SUNY Oneonta
Superfly Shoestring
Susan & The Surftones
Squires of The Subterrain
Swamp Rat
Syd The Kyd
Ten Typing Monkeys
Tony Pearl
Uncle Sam
University of Rochester
Vocal Point
Van Walworth
Warner Brothers Records
White Devils
..... and more

Producer Tim Kerr (front) & Engineer Dave Anderson - The Priests Session Billie Jacque - The Priests Colin Tyranny (left) - Matt Allyn (Right) - The Priests
Rob Filardo - The Priests Eddie Angel & Pete Curry (Los Straitjackets) Kaiser George Thumbs Up! Eddie Angel, & Hi-Risers Jason Smay, Todd Bradley , Dave Anderson - Hi-Risers T-shirt!
Riviera Playboys - Dave, Knuth, Walt Rick Cona, Sky Saxon, Terry Davis, Walt O'Brien - Green Forests Project Sky Sunlight Saxon
Greg Townson & Todd Bradley - Hi-Risers The Chinchillas Project Jen - The Badenovs