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Our microphone collection - one of the best in Upstate New York - includes classics such as: Ribbon models by RCA, Bang & Olufsen, Beyer & Shure; vintage tube mics by Neumann & AKG; as well as a wide variety of modern condenser and dynamic microphones.


(1) C28 6072 Tube microphone with cardiod & omni capsules (C28 & C26)
(2) D-12 Cardiod Dynamic
(1) D-112 Cardiod Dynamic
(1) D-130 Omni Dynamic
(2) 45 l's w/ CK-l, CK-2, & CK-3 capsules
(2) 452-EB's
(2) 460's w/ CK 61-ULS & CK 62-ULS capsules
(2) 414-EB's
(1) C-60 Modular Tube Condenser w/cardiod capsule (also uses 451 series capsules) w/ Telefunken AC-701 Tube

American Microphone Company

(1) D-331 Ribbon - ReRibboned


(1) M-21 "Coke Bottle" Tube Condenser w/omni capsule(2) Model 50 Figure 8 pattern Ribbon Mike
(2) 195A preamp bodies with 29B cardiod capsules. Peerless transformers in the power supply section.

Bang & Olufsen

(2) Model 50 Figure 8 pattern Ribbon Mike
(1) "Fentone" version of the model 50


(2) M-500's Cardiod Ribbon
(2) M-160's Cardiod Double Ribbons
(1) CV72ON w/CK 706 Super Cardiod Capsule


(2) PZM-3OGPB's
(2) PZM 12 SP's
(1) GLM Miniature Condenser

Electro Voice:

(2) PL-20's
(1) B-7662
(1) 635A
(2) 664's


(1) Fender FR 570 Reverb Microphone (actually has Spring Reverb Built In! Very Rare!)


(2) U-64 w / Cardiod Capsules, Nuvistor Tube Mics
(2) U-67 3 pattern Tube Mics (6072 Tubes)
(1) U-87 3 pattern


(1) P-12...John Peluso's hand built recreation of the classic AKG C-12 but with 9 patterns. 6072 tube.
(1) 2247SE...hand built recreation of the Neumann U-47 but with 9 patterns. 5693 tube
(1) 22 251...hand built recreation of the Telefunken Elam 251 but with 9 patterns. 6072 tube.


(1) BX44 Ribbon - Fully Restored and Re-Ribboned
(1) Varacoustic Ribbon - Fully Restored and Re-Ribboned
(5) 77DX's 3 pattern Ribbon Mic - Fully Restored and Re-Ribboned


(1) CM-256 3 pattern "side fire" mic. Rebuilt at Factory '97


(2) MD-409's
(6) MD-421's
(1) MD-504
(3) ME- 40's Modular Condenser Mics w/ Cardiod Capsules


(14) SM-57's
(2) SM-58's
(3) Model 300 BiDirectional Ribbons Fully Restored and ReRibboned
(2) Model 330 (Vintage Johnny Carson Mic) Fully Restored and ReRibboned
(1) CR-81 "Hercules" Model Crystal Mic
(1) 5205LB Original "Green Bullet" Crystal Mic
(1) KSM32
(1) Model 55S Original


(1) Model 101 Dual Element-Diaphram and Ribbon, Multipattern "10 Million Dollar Lotto" Mic
(2) U-9's Vintage Large Diaphram Cardiod Mic's
(1) 227 "Flash Gordan" Crystal Mic


(2) Astatic JT-30 Crystal Mics.
Numerous other Crystal and Ceramic Mics from Astatic, LV, Argonne, Laffayette, Calrad, Shure, and others.

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Musical Instruments:

Guitars and Basses:

Baldwin "Jazz Bass", made by Jim Burns of London ...has the famous "Wild Dog" sound

Shorthorn - Black w/ one "Lipstick" pickup. Model 3011
Shorthorn Bass - Copper w/ one "Lipstick" pickup. Model 3412
Convertible - Blonde w/ one "Lipstick" pickup. Model 5015
Reissue - Longhorn Bass-customized with "Fender" style active P-Bass+Jazz Bass pickups
Reissue - Electric 6 String "Baby" Sitar
Coral "Firefly" Sunburst Hollow-body electric w/ two "Lipstick" pickups

Epiphone "Texan" '64 Flat Top Acoustic - as used by Paul McCartney

Gibson SG Standard

Guild "Starfire" II Bass-Tobacco Sunburst

'85 Pink Paisley Reissue Telecaster
'85 Pink Paisley Reissue Stratocaster

Hagstrom I - Bass w/ Double pickups, White and Gold

Harmony "Rocket" single pickup

Harmony "Rocket" 3 pickup

Hofner "Beatle Bass"

Kalamazoo Bass w/ Gibson EB-O pickup

Kay Archtop Acoustic w/ single pickup

Klira Hollow Body Violin Bass - German Hofner Copy

Model 1448 Amp-in-Case w/ single "Lipstick" pickup-Black
(2) Model 1457 Deluxe Amp-in-Case w/ double "Lipstick" Pickups-Red

Univox Mosrite copy Bass, double pickups, Black

"Bill Wyman" Tear Drop Hollow Body Bass w/ double Pickups, Sunburst
"Panther" Hollow Body Bass w/ double Pickups, Custom paint. Built-in Distortion, Treble-Bass Booster, and G-Tuner
"Apollo IV" Model Bass - Single Cutaway, Single pickup, Built-in Distortion, Treble-Bass Booster, and G-Tuner. Cherry Red


Baldwin "Acrosonic" Spinet Piano, 1950's, Rebuilt '96
Vox Continental Organ
Farfisa Compact Combo Electric Organ
Hammond M-3 w-Leslie 147 cabinet
Hammond T221
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Korg Delta Analog Synth


Ludwig Drum Kit - 5 piece, White Marine Pearl, 1972 Ludwig "Classics"
WFL '58 6 1/2" x 14" Wood Snare Drum, Mahogany
Slingerland "Radio King" '66 5" x 14" Wood Snare, White Marine Pearl
Slingerland "Radio King" 1940 8" x 14" Wood Snare, Faux Marble
Rodgers '66 5" x 14" "Suprosonic" Brass Snare, ChromeSonor- mid 1960s 5" Chrome over Brass - "Explosive"
Stewart MacDonald 3" x 14" Brass Piccolo Snare
Zildian Cymbals and High Hats
Slingerland "Swingsters" 4 piece 1966 Pink Champagne Sparkle

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Guitar and Bass Amplifiers

B-15N "Fliptop"

Danelectro 1956 Twin Twelve Blonde w-2-12s

'65 "Blackface" Deluxe Reverb - The undisputed king of guitar amplifiers!
'65 "Blackface" Bassman W/ 2-12" Cab. (Jensen Gold Labels)
'67 "Silverface" Princeton Reverb
(1) '66 "Blackface" Pro Reverb 2-12" Jensen Gold Labels
(1) '66 "Blackface" Pro Reverb 2-12" Jensen - Tan
(1) '61 "Blonde" Tremolux w/ 1-10" Oxblood Cab
(1) '62" Blonde" Tremolux w/ 2-10" Wheat Cab

Kustom 200 Bass Amp w-2-15" cabinet. Blue Sparkle "Tuck & Roll"

Marshall JCM 800 50 watt Head w/ JCM 800 1960 Slant 4-12" Cab.

Rickenbacker TR-7 Solid State Combo Amp. w/ Tremolo, 1-8", very clean, heavy Tremolo!

'64 Model 1484 "Twin Twelve" "Piggyback" w/ 2-12" Jensen Cab. Reverb and Tremolo.
'64 Model 1483 Bass Amp - Matches 1484 - w/ 1-15" Jensen Cab.
'61 Model 1472 Combo Amp. w/ Tremolo, 1-12" Jensen
'64 Model 1481 Combo Amp. w/ 1-8"

"Thunderbolt" Model S-6420 Combo Amp. w/ 1-15" Jensen - as used by Jimmy Page!
Model S-6606 Combo Amp. w/ 1-8" "Vintage" Eminence


Premier "Custom" B-160 Club Bass Amp w-Jensen Gold Label 15"

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Tube Reverbs, Tape Echoes, and other Guitar Effects

Tube Reverbs:
Danelectro Model 9100
Gretch "Reverb" Power Unit - Satellite Style w/ 1-10" Jensen
Premier Model 90
Fender Type 263 Reissue

Multivox Model MX-201 "Multi Echo" Bin Loop w/ 5 Heads and Spring Reverb

We have numerous foot pedal EFX boxes by MXR, Electro-Harmonix, Maestro, Boss, Fuzzface, Ibanez etc.

Outboard Gear

Compressors, Dynamics Processing

(1) Anthony DeMaria ADL Tube Compressor/Limiter Model 1000
(1) Anthony DeMaria ADL Stereo Tube Compressor/Limiter Model 1500
(1) Ashly CL52E Stereo Compressor / Limiter
(2) DBX 160X Compressor / Limiter
(1) DBX 162 Stereo Compressor / Limiter
(1) DBX 166 Stereo Compressor / Limiter w/ Gates
(2) DBX 266 Stereo Compressor / Limiter w/ Gates
(1) DBX 165A Compressor/Limiter
(1) UREI 1176 Compressor / Limiter
(2) UREI 7110 Compressor/Limiters
(2) PEAVEY VC/L2 Stereo Compressor/Limiters w-custom made Electro-Luminescent Optical circuits-Jensen Transformers.
(5) Ashly SC-33 Stereo Gates - 10 Channels Total

Outboard Mic Preamps:

(1) Peavey VMP-2 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Mic-Pre w/ Tube EQ- Jensen Transformers.
(1) Gaines Audio MP-2 2-Channel Mic-Pre w/ Jensen Transformers
(16) Suburban Sound (Discrete API 2520 opamps)
(10) Langevin AM10 discrete
(2) Ampex MX10 4-Channel Microphone mixer w/ Stereo Outputs

Effects and Eq:

(1) EMT Model 140 Stereo Plate Reverb -- The real deal baby!
(1) AKG BX2OE Classic Stereo Spring Reverb tank w/ Remote Control
(1) Aphex Aural Exciter Stereo Type C
(1) Deltalab 1024 Digital Delay
(1) Ensoniq DP-4 4-Channel Multieffects Unit
(1) Fisher "Space-Expander" Tube Spring Reverb
(1) HHB Classic 60, Stereo Tube Parametric Equalizer w/ Mic preamps. Made by TLA Audio
(1) Lexicon LXP- 15 Digitlal Multieffects unit
(1) Lexicon PCM 41 Digital Delay Processor
(1) Lexicon PCM-70 Digital Multieffects Unit
(1) MXR Delay System II w/ Memory Expansion
(1) MXR Digital Delay "Blue Face"
(1) MXR Flanger/Doubler, Analog
(1) MXR Pitch Shift Doubler, Analog
(1) MXR Pitch Transposer w/ Readout. Analog
(1) T.C. Electronics M-2000 Digital Multieffects Unit
(1) T.C. Electronics Finalizer
(1) Summit Stereo Tube Equalizer Model EQP-200B
(1) Yamaha SPX -90 Multieffects Unit

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Control Room Gear


Quad 8 Electronics "Coronado" 40 input inline desk. A beautiful work of Vintage Analog Technological Art!
Gates Customized "Dual TV' 10 channel Tube Recording Console-currently being refurbished.

Monitors and Power Amps:

(2) JBL 4430's, 15" w/ Bi-Radial Horn
(2) Tannoy NFM-8's, 8" w/ Concentric-Tweeter, Nearfields
(2) ALTEC 604-Cs, Famous DUPLEX series
(2) Yamaha NS10Ms
(2) Auratone SCs, 5" Full Range, Nearfields
(14) Sony headphones
(2) Ashly FET-2000M, 300 watts/channel
(1) Ashly FET-200, 100 watts/channel
(2) McIntosh MC-30s (Tube)
(1) Yamaha P2250


(1) Ampex 351 Tube preamp w-350 transport 1/4" Analog Full Track Mono recorder
(2) Ampex 350 series Tube preamps w-300 transport; 1/4" Analog 2 Track Stereo recorder
(1) Ampex 400 series Tube preamp w-300 transport, 1/4" Analog Full Track Mono recorder
(1) Alesis Masterlink Hard Disk / CD recorder 16 - 24 bit
(1) Alesis HD24 - 24 bit, 24 track Hard Disk Recorder w/ 2 Removable Hard Drives.
(1) 3M M-79 16 track 2" Analog Recorder
(3) Alesis ADATs (Original Blackface), 24 Tracks
(1) Alesis Masterlink Hard Disk / CD recorder 16 - 24 bit
(1) Tascam DA-20 MK II DAT Recorder
(1) Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder
(1) Teac DA-P20 Portable DAT Recorder
(1) Technics RS-15OOUS 1/4" 1/2 Track Stereo Master Recorder, Analog
(1) Technics RS-B755 3-Head Cassette Master Recorder
(1) HHB CDR-850 CD writer


(2) Custom Built AMD XP2800 w/ 1Gig RAM, Multiple drives
Software: Cubase SX, Wavelab, Sonar, Pro Tools,. Waves Restoration Bundle
Audio Hardware: TC Powercore powered plug-in DSP card - a bundle of top quality plug-ins with 2.8 ghz of added horsepower!


Presto 14-B Record Cutting Lathe with Grampian cutter heads & (2) Gotham 150 watt Tube Amplifiers (currently being refurbished)

Rek-O-Kut "Rondine" Turntable w-Pickering 190D Tonearm

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Comfortable Atmosphere ! 50'-60's Retro Lounge !

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