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The Hi-Risers are back at Saxon to record their next album Once We Get Started

The Sweet Action release their US debut CD album, A Little Taste of...The Sweet Action on Jargon Records!

Out Now...Squires of The Subterrain / Big Boy Pete split CD Rock-it Racket on Rocket Racket Records, mastered at Saxon!

2006 Studio Highlights

Watch out for upcoming releases from 60s Pop Garage Rockers The Sweet Action!

Upcoming DVD release of Silent Film star Mary Pickford's Poor Little Rich Girl with new music film score composed and directed by Dr. Philip Carli, recorded at Saxon!

A busy year with ... Jazz, Folk, Ethnic, Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, Rock, Punk, Acapella and Avant-Garde projects ...Albums out by Lumiere; The Fashionistas; The UV Rays; Reggae phenom...Extraordinaire; Mike Cosco & Sergei Antonoff; Acapella sensations...8 Beat Measure & Hips in Harmony; Kimo & Kaiulani; 4 albums by Ed Champlin...master of Accordion; Porcupine; Rosedale; Southshore; Warboys; Galactic Harbour; and Marty Owens.

Congratulations to Kaiser George & The Hi-Risers... "TRANSATLANTIC DYNAMITE!" hits number one on Billboard Garage charts!


2005 Studio Highlights

  • Kaiser George & The Hi-Risers recorded a fantastic new album entitled "TRANSATLANTIC DYNAMITE!" in a whirlwind 3 day session at Saxon at the end of November. Kaiser George flew in from Scotland for the session with Eddie Angel in from Nashville overseeing the production of this epic 60's Beat Masterpiece! The album will be out in February 2006 on Spinout Records....just in time for the groups' US tour!
  • Out soon...St. Patrick School, Brooklyn, NY soon will be releasing "Angelic Voices", a 12 song CD by the school's Girl Choir. Their first release sceduled for early December.
  • November...The Charlie Mattice Band, releases their debut album "Write Down My Name In The Book Of Life". This 10 song album is a masterpiece of genuine Country Gospel Music!
  • The Hi-Risers are currently working on 2 albums "The Fine Art of Making Mistakes" & "Rockin' Spree"
  • The Grinders are back at Saxon recording a 2 song 7" release for their upcoming 10 year anniversary!
  • Squires of The Subterrain latest release"Lemon Malarkey" Mastered at Saxon, produced by "Big Boy" Pete Miller & The Squire
  • December Wind recently returned to Saxon to record their long awaited second album "Second Wind" Out Now! On Strong Wind Records..their first album, "Sacred Voices" (Canyon Records) was critically acclaimed as a masterpiece within the Native American Folk Rock genre!
  • Legendary 60's Icon Sky "Sunlight" Saxon (The Seeds) at Saxon Recording Studios to produce the "Green Forests" project...a band collaboration with Dave Anderson & an All-Star Lineup! Stay tuned for this epic album!
  • Eddie Angel (Los Straitjackets, The Neanderthals) in from Nashville to record with The Hi-Risers on "Eddie Angel Meets The Beatles!" for Spinout Records .Travelled back through the Time Tunnel for this project.. Eddie Angel & The Hi-Risers produced their own renditions of early covers the Beatles were performing live- circa Hamburg era.
  • Deacon Joe Louis Johnson, guitar man for The Soul Brothers Six (60's Hit "Some Kinda Wonderful") releases his Gospel CD"You Better Beleive In God!"
  • The Riviera Playboys "Ambassadors Of Rock-N-Roll!" also released on Screaming Apple Records 12" Vinyl & CD!
  • The Projectiles "Hangin' Out" album finally released after 15 years! That's right!!! Recorded in 1989, this classic recording out now on Screaming Apple Records (Germany)! 12" Vinyl!!!
  • Dudley Dawson CD release "Refreshing".... refreshing indeed! Retro, funk, jammin'...Cool!
  • Neckbeard CD release...1st prize for "Band Name of The Month"
  • Galtee Mountain Boys release their self-titled debut CD release...for a taste of traditional Irish Music, this group has it all!
  • Swamp Rat records 40 songs in one afternoon! That's right these guys walked out with a double CD set complete & finished in one afternoon! A new Saxon Record!
  • Saxon acquires some more cool vintage gear... AKG & Altec tube mics, also a very clean AMPEX 351 1/4", Full Track MONO Tube Recorder! Why not try something different? Try recording totally "LIVE" in the studio!!!Go ANALOG! CAPTURE YOUR ENERGY!!!
  • Saxon acquires a one of a kind 10 channel ALL TUBE - GATES Recording / Mixing Desk! Stay Tuned!
  • Hip New Rochester Garage Band...The Lost Marbles, produce their first demos at Saxon , Combo Organ & Fuzz Guitars!


January - December 2004

  • Whirlwind of projects! Some new releases out of Saxon include...The Priests "Tall Tales" released on 12" Vinyl & CD on Get Hip Recordings ...We had a great time working together, it was also a real pleasure working with Tim Kerr, who produced the album!
  • The Hi-Risers release another album for Spinout Records , "That Rock & Roll Beat"! These guys are writing and recording Tomorrow's Rock & Roll Classics!
  • The Chinchillas "Podunk" New CD release out on Jargon Records !
  • Fred Costello "Back Stage Blues" CD release from thee Jazz Organ Man Himself! Heavy Hammond B3 Action!
  • Daze End releases their debut CD "Peace After The Storm"
  • Galactic Harbour records another studio performance! "Meet The Meatball"
  • Mixed Pallett releases their 2nd CD



  • Saxon Recording has just acquired an original EMT MODEL 140 STEREO PLATE REVERB! This Fantastic work of pure Analog Electromechanical design is the true King of Reverbs! Yes, everybody's got all kinds of simulated "plate" reverb settings in their Digital processors, but THEY ALL PALE IN COMPARISON! This is the REAL DEAL BABY! We have gone to alot of trouble to bring this MASSIVE 8 foot long 425 pound Reverb system to Saxon, because it's worth it! The Sound is Massive!!! Only at Saxon!!!
  • Congrats to The Hi Risers for their new CD release "Lost Weekend" on Spinout Records! OUT NOW!
  • Also The Fertility Rite Brothers have released their long awaited Album release "...At Last" on Jargon Records, these are analog tracks recorded from around 1988 at Saxon, that have recently been resurrected and mastered at Saxon for this special edition release! We consider The Fertilty Rite Brothers to be one of the Greatest Garage Bands to come out of the "Rockin' Rochester" music scene! Can ya Dig it Man?
  • Watch Out For These New Releases Out Now!
    • STATIC CLING : "A Regular Amount Of Whatever" CD ON Jargon Records
    • THE FRANKS: Self-titled debut CD-Rochester Garage Rock Freakbeat!
    • GALACTIC HARBOR: "Tales On Toilet Paper" on Jargon Records, this one is crazier than ever! Way out!
    • The Blastoffs, Rochester Punk! new CD out now on Trashcan Records
    • Ruby Shooz new live CD recorded live on-site at the New York State Fair by the Saxon Recording crew & mixed at mastered at Saxon....
    • The Univ. Of Rochester co-ed acapella group "After Hours" new CD "Pit Stop".
  • The Hi-Risers latest to be released on Spinout Records sometime this fall
  • The Grinders' 3rd CD out soon on Rochester's Garage-Pop Records label.
  • The Rochester punk group "Serious" has just completed their latest CD at Saxon.
  • The Hi-Risers are putting the finishing touches on their soon to be released album.
  • The Grinders have been in the studio working on their new CD.
  • Mixing just wrapped on the upcoming album from Static Cling